A downloadable game

Mallowventure noun mæl.əʊ/ˈven.tʃər/

an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, undertaken by a Marshmallow.

Mallowventure is currently under heavy development!

We intend to open up an 'early access' version but we don't want to release a steaming pile of poop to you.

We should have something playable soon- hopefully with some lovely demo levels lovingly hand-crafted by us at Akkail!

Mallowventure is a platformer starring an incredibly cute, adventurous marshmallow.

Mallowventure is as much a community as it is a videogame. Our hope is to form a community of Mallow-enthusiasts that band together to produce an ever expanding universe of levels for Mallow to explore. Challenge other players and create new and unique experiences for them. Create your own levels and share them with the community.